'quarantine' 'self portrait'

Mr. Norm

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Erving Goffman a sociologist created comparisons to interpersonal reactions to the elements used to describe theatrical performance. He refers to the “back stage” and the “front stage self”. The back stage self is the performer preparing to be on stage. The front stage self, is where one plays the role of their characters and puts on a performance.  Every day I wake up and try to convince myself that the two selves or halves are equal even though it seems that the front stage self receives all the credit.

I have to realize that everything done in the back of the house, the days alone within my four walls scrolling through images are part of the guy who gets dressed up, and walks amongst doctors, lawyers and public figures. I have to remember that the person in between the work, the events, the brief moments of praise still exist when there is no work and the lights are off.